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8 Writing Tools for Marketers to Provide Engaging Content

Without a doubt, as a marketing specialist, you have to come up with various outlines and strategies that will help you achieve the most efficient solution. Since it is not possible to know what will work and what might lead to a failure in the future, it is vital to keep every working method written down by taking notes. Turning to various writing tools will help you to save time, nerves, and resources to provide engaging content that will inspire your customers and help avoid past mistakes. If you ignore what you have learned and do not think about how you can improve your marketing strategy, you will never proceed to another level or appreciate any suggestions.

Most importantly, if you want to provide efficient content that has no grammar errors and keyword-related mistakes, you should turn to tools that will assist you in various ways. Just make sure to take time and use only those tools that will fit your writing workflow. Remember that if you want to keep things unique, try various methods that will make your marketing strategies innovative and inspiring!

8 Writing Tools for Content Marketers

1. Twords.

We all need some inspiration as we are trying to struggle with writer's block, which is why Twords will become helpful. In basic terms, it is a writing assistant that will always encourage you to write more. You will appreciate fun statistics that will show you how much you have written and will assist with the various writing styles. It will also show you how to become more productive as you are learning to meet your project deadlines. You can also enter various statistics manually and even set various records as you are working with a particular marketing campaign. Finally, you can also implement keywords to see whether you are keeping the right balance between readability and SEO.

2. Evernote.

It is not surprising that Evernote represents one of the most popular writing apps that helps to keep all your amazing ideas under control. When you have to track down all your projects, it does not have to be overly complex. What makes Evernote stand out is its clear user interface and customization. You do not have to spend hours trying to find your notes or ideas. It also works with Google Calendar, Google Docs, MS Word, and many other formats. It will help you to keep your vital information stored in the same place.

3. Trello.

One of the best writing tools to address procrastination, which is, unfortunately, quite common when you are dealing with those urgent marketing projects. Trello implements a simple drag-and-drop system, which lets you come up with interactive cards. You can set four marks for each idea that you have. For example, it can be "an idea", "to do", "in progress" and "done" markers, depending on what you have already done or only plan to complete. You can also set various reminders to remember it all. The statuses can be updated in real-time by changing the text mark or setting the relevant voice message.

4. Hemingway Editor App.

It represents a slightly different kind of writing help and will be useful for those marketing specialists who have to do a lot of writing. It will help you to avoid passive voice and will address various readability issues. It will also assist you in terms of complexity, accuracy, spelling, and word count. It can work both via your browser or as a stand-alone app. Now if you want to receive even more editing and make your marketing content unique, check SpeedyPaper and see how you can cooperate with writing professionals. After all, engaging content must be clear and without mistakes of any kind, which is why this kind of help truly matters!

5. IdeaFlip.

We all know the familiar feeling of having too many ideas and an ocean of different thoughts that are not always productive unless we get to write them down. Welcome IdeaFlip writing tool, which helps you to refine your thoughts. Basically, you only have to put your general idea into IdeaFlip to let it develop things for you. It is simple and user-friendly! You can also create visual lists and brainstorm marketing ideas as you receive helpful suggestions. In addition to that, you can also collaborate with your co-workers in real-time or use it alone. It has a great idea board that you will love as it takes the clutter problem away!

6. Ilys.

It is one of the best writing solutions for those marketing experts that suffer from writer's block. Even if you have never used anything like that before, the chances are high that you will love it, as it takes away the stress of having a blank page in front of you. As you run this writing tool, you will be asked to enter your word count and the basic ideas that you need to cover. As you do so, you will already start working and won't even notice how you reach your final goal based on helpful suggestions, editing, and various productivity tools.

7. UniCheck.

Even though this is not a tool that helps you to write, it is definitely useful for those cases when you need to check your writing in terms of similarity or plagiarism. Of course, it does not guarantee total accuracy, yet it will help you to highlight those bits that you might have copied by accident or paraphrased in the wrong way. Remember that posting content that is not yours is harmful to your company and can lead to serious copyright disputes. Therefore, this small tool is good to use for both short and lengthy marketing posts.

8. Power Thesaurus.

The purpose of any marketing specialist is to find the right words that will reach the hearts and minds of people. The thesaurus tool with no ads or any restrictions is exactly what will work by making your hunt for words a breeze. It works really well when you need to change some phrases, use keywords, meet your SEO demands, and find synonyms that reflect your marketing objectives. It helps to make your content even more engaging and lets your company stand out when you promote your mission and values.

Do not forget to download your helpful writing tools only from trusted sources and always read online testimonials and privacy agreements before installing anything! It will help you to stay safe and use only those solutions that work well and have already proved themselves as safe.

The Best Ways to Inspire As You Create Marketing Content

As you might be wondering about the reasons behind marketing success, do not forget about the best way to inspire your target audience. Turning to various writing tools, you also work as a creative writer where your task is to help people relate. Now the best way to let people understand your services and products is by providing some real-life examples and stories that show a practical implementation of how something becomes useful. In simple terms, it is like sharing a list of testimonials on behalf of staff behind some marketing campaign. It will not only let people see your team in a different way but will also make things more human and accessible, especially if you are dealing with complex marketing matters.

Do not keep things static as you compose your marketing content! Be creative and add examples, unusual facts, and think about what would inspire you in the first place. Imagine as if you are telling your best friend about your business, ideas, or services by using those words that are clear and friendly. Use the same approach, and you will always inspire others by staying sincere and true to your values and beliefs!

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is an experienced marketer and blogger who has been writing professionally for 3+ years. She enjoys sharing her expertise with others.


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