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A Short Letter from the Future

If a successful author could write a letter to his or her earlier self, it might read something like this:

Dear Self,

Well done for persisting so far, despite the overwhelming odds which suggest that you will never achieve your dreams.

But please, stop listening to all those hyped up marketing ads which tell you that the more people who see your book the more sales you’ll get.

Stop believing that success awaits if you can just 'hook into an algorithm’ or get the right person to write a review.

Stop wasting time spamming your books all over writers’ groups in the hope that somehow one will ‘take off’.

I’m going to give you one simple piece of advice which will save so much of your time and energy that you won’t believe it unless you try it:


85% of what you are doing is a waste of time.

What you’re doing isn’t necessarily wrong in itself — but it’s totally wrong if you want to reach your goals.

You are probably doing many ‘right’ things — but in the wrong order or wrong places.

You need to prioritise and focus only on those things which will move you upwards towards your goals.

‘What are those things?’ I seem to remember you asking — remember, I’m the You from the future.

Grant Hudson explains these things in his VIP Marketing Programme. In fact, he does more than explain them — he walks you through them so that you finally get somewhere. It will be the best thing that you ever did.

Trust me.

Yours sincerely,



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