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A Survey for Creative Writers

Here is a list of questions for creative writers.

If you wish, you may cut and paste these into an email, answer them (one word answers are fine, but you may want to elaborate on certain points), and then send your answers to me at this address:

Provided that I am not swamped with answers, I will try and get back to you!

Alternatively, you may find some help by downloading the free booklets available on this website.

1. Do you struggle to find material to write about?

2. Is it difficult to get motivated to start?

3. Do you plan a story/poem/play before starting?

4. Do you just 'get on with it' without a plan and let the story/poem/play 'write itself'?

5. What kind of feedback are you getting from your stories/poems/plays currently?

Very Positive/Positive/Neutral/Negative?

6. How is your grammar?

7. What about punctuation?

8. Do you check over your work before you submit it?

9. Do you have trouble stringing a plot together?

10. Do you use a varied vocabulary?

11. Do you understand your own subject material sufficiently?

12. Do YOU like the writing you do?

13. Do you get headaches while writing?

14. Do you find yourself daydreaming and doing other things rather than getting on with it?

15. Does writing make you angry?

16. Are you confused by your own work?

17. Do you feel like never writing again?

18. Are you over-using the same words and grammatical structures?

19. Do you use clichés?

20. Is your writing over-complicated?

21. Are your characters (if you have characters in your writing) interesting?

22. Do you care what happens next in your story?

23. Does your plot make sense?

24. Are there enough suprises to make you want to keep reading?

25. Does the ending satisfy you or make you feel let down?

26. Has your work made you think?

27. Has it entertained you?

28. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me or a question you have?

Drop me a line!


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