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A Writer is a 'Business-in-Miniature'

Returning in the early 1990s to the UK after 26 years in Australia and the United States, it was my pleasure to work with many small to medium-sized enterprises in this country and to find all over the place a great spirit of making things happen against all kinds of odds. This was encouraging in the extreme to anyone in the business of helping business, as I was at that time.

It was not possible to work for long as a consultant, though, without being aware of the constant air of pessimism and gloom generated from those supposedly 'in the know’, whether it was media sources or those in positions of authority, which permeated and pervaded the general business environment. It would be true to say that, in my experience of all types of business activity, this attitude itself was one of the primary concerns of the small business owner then and probably remains so now. The main anxiety was to keep going in the face of what appeared to be impossible odds and overwhelming dismay on the part of others.

Writers, in the sense that they produce goods which they hope to sell to others, are ‘businesses-in-minature’. The commercial element involved in being a professional writer is one which often recedes to the very back of many writers’ minds, but to be economically viable as a writer, it eventually has to be considered.

There are no certainties offered to writers even by expensive and time-consuming courses. They are told of wondrous things that are now possible via the internet; it is often too hard to tell how veracious such claims are.

I have found that what the writer needs above all is something workable -something that can be used, within the resources available right then and there, to improve the existing condition of his or her writing career without need to resort to outside agencies or assistance. Most writers need to know what to consolidate and why, where their writing is not working and why, and where it is strong and what to do about these things that will cost as little as possible.

That is what I can help with. Each writer is absolutely unique. There are patterns of similarity, but what may work for one may not work for another, even though they might write in the same genre or use the same style.

A good consultant listens, whether he or she is working with small businesses or individual writers. And if that consultant is also using a technology of stories unique on the planet, and has over forty years of experience in its application on three continents with all kinds of writers and situations, then together with the writer, he can accomplish proper and genuine forward motion and consolidation. Only through listening, and through careful analysis of the particular writer and the particular situation can something sincere be done.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a review of your own writing life, if you wish. We can look at your writing lifestyle and how to boost that, your work and how to make it stronger, your efforts at marketing and how to focus them, and much more.


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