You’ve probably heard me talking about my idea for a new, fully illustrated, colour e-magazine. This would be released monthly or bi-monthly, and cover the fields of art, culture, travel, metaphysics, writing and so on. Its emphasis would be positivity, and it would aim to uplift its readers' spirits.

When I first mentioned the idea recently, it received a tremendous amount of support in the form of Likes and Comments in the Inner Circle Writers’ Group. Gauging from that wave of welcoming remarks and signs of approval, there would be a market amongst readers for such a thing, especially as my intention is to make it completely free to download. Of course, I’m talking about it in a writers’ group, and many would welcome the huge submission opportunities which such a publication would bring, given that it would also be about fiction and poetry. But writers are interested in more than just writing — that’s partly why I think this new initiative has a chance.

What’s my thinking behind this?

Well, it’s pretty clear that the world needs more positivity. But also, there’s a place for a publication which goes beyond the realms of writing, even though those realms are large indeed. The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine covers the universe of writers and writing pretty well, offering as it does its own submission opportunities and plenty of advice about writing, along with articles about famous writers and showcases of famous authors’ works. This new magazine would venture out into associated worlds: there’s an immense amount to explore in terms of culture and philosophy and travel and so on. It would give a new venue for writers and others to express themselves in new ways, plus give readers a glimpse of things they had perhaps never seen or considered before. I’m thinking that it could delve into philosophy, psychology, spiritual matters, little-known areas of the world, visual arts, perhaps even music, and much more. There would be room for interviews, biographies, uplifting quotes, obscure facts, and travelogues from off-the-beaten-track places.

Who would read such a thing?

The fact that the e-magazine would be free to download means that it could go far and wide, way beyond the borders of writing groups and into the domains of artists of different kinds, intelligent people all around the world (yes, there still are plenty of them!), people who are looking to go travelling (or perhaps can’t and want to travel from their armchairs instead) and young and old — I want to include some items aimed at children, for example.

Such a magazine would take a mix of particular skills and a certain amount of time to put together. I have estimated the costs of production variously, but think that it would perhaps take about 50 hours to put together an issue, which would equate to at least £600.00 per month in costs.

How does a magazine which costs £600.00 a month but is downloaded for free pay for itself?