An Overview of Reviews for The Magic of Deben Market by David Bowmore

In putting together David Bowmore's next book - Tall Tales and Short Fiction, available in October- I had the opportunity to read again some of the reviews for his first collection, and thought they were worth sharing with you:

The Magic of Deben Market

"It's rare to find a short story collection of such power as this: adjectives such as 'haunting', 'poignant', 'vivid' and 'rich' come to mind, but these are clichés which fail to capture the enigmatic and dynamic magic locked inside this book. Bowmore weaves a complex tale of interwoven characters around the imaginary coastal town of Deben Market on Britain's east coast, but he does this with such skill that you'll immediately find yourself wanting to read these stories again and again. In effect, the book is a kind of quasi-novel, layered, soul-stirring, utterly gripping - at times, wistful, at times comic, and at other times breathtakingly suspenseful and supremely thrilling. Do yourself a favour: come to Deben Market. The magic may never leave you."

Discovering The Magic of Deben Market

David Bowmore has the amazing ability to create characters that enthrall and entice you to always want more. After reading The Magic of Deben Market, I felt like I had the distinct honor of being welcomed into the lives and homes of each person on these pages. Not only did I enjoy this book immensely, I felt the need to turn back and start again to make sure I hadn't missed anything. This book is truly Magic and I recommend reading it today.

Awesome Book!

Everyone stop what you are doing and buy this book right now! It's not often that I say this, but I was up till 3 in the morning reading because I couldn't put it down. I am drawn to fully fleshed characters. David delivers this with a backhoe. Moony Moore will now be one of my lifetime favorite people. Yes, the individuals inhabiting these pages become that real. You experience a sense of dislocation when you finish the book to find yourself in your own home and not in Deben Market. The story unfolds with vivid description, painted by a master storyteller. Not a word is out of place, everything has been carefully crafted, you can see the work that went into this book. The end result is something that sucks you in and stays with you long after you put it down. As writers, we study other people’s work, how they write, the words they use and the way they string them together to accomplish the things they want to do. This is a writer worthy of watching. His lyrical style is unique, effortlessly evoking emotional responses from the reader. This is what we aim for. When something so beautiful comes together you want the experience to last forever. It does when it lives in your memory like this. I can honestly say David Bowmore has become one of my favorite authors. I'm so glad to have found him. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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