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Creating a Digital Product

As you will have realised, if you have a product or service which is downloadable through the internet, especially a Proximity Vacuum Filler, you will find it easier to fill the customer’s major vacuums quicker and more completely.

Any time added into the process of bringing the customer and the product or service together is working against the entire purpose of your business.

If you run a pizza delivery service, of course, the customer and the pizza have to meet to achieve your business goal - but even in a product or service like pizza delivery, car hire, pen manufacture, kitchen design or a host of other business, some of which we have used as examples earlier, there may be a way of inventing a digital product which is in some way related to the thing you normally do.

Think about it - if you could put together a digital product for sale and distribution through your website or blog, customers could be purchasing from you and receiving their product while you are asleep. Digital products are a way of speeding up the achievement of your business aim: to bring the customer and the product together.


The purpose of any business is to match the customer with the product or service.

Sales and the exchange of money should be a mere necessary formality on the way.

It’s not a mandatory step in this new business model to have a digitally downloadable product, but it really helps. Used correctly, it can support and strengthen the lines of your other products and services.

The usual things are an e-book or video series or set of DVDs.

You can spend the time creating these yourself, or get someone else to do it. As long as the product is high quality and delivers value, matching as fully as possible the vacuums of the customer, you will sell it.

Distributing digital products is also very easy. Services such as ClickBank will streamline this process for you quickly and easily.

Let’s list out some possible digital products for businesses that might look very 'undigital' to begin with:

Pizza delivery:

How about an e-book of pizza recipes, a biography of the founder of the company with anecdotes, a guide to great pizza restaurants around the world, a history of the pizza...

All available electronically for free as a Proximity Vacuum Filler, all with contact details and enticing, vacuum-based pages about your main-line pizzas.

These could be available to order should be downloadable through your website. Of course, within the e-book is all the vacuum-power needed to activate customer vacuums for the Secondary and Primary Vacuum Fillers.

Car hire:

What about a series of e-books about car journeys throughout Britain? Or a simple guide to airport travel? Or a history of the company? Or some combination of these?

Each electronic download could contain handy discount vouchers for use on actual car journeys or other extras - and all of course would contain details of how the customer could take advantage of your main service.

Kitchen design:

Consider e-books or DVDs about great kitchens around the world, the history of the kitchen, biographies of great chefs, design plans and histories of the most beautiful homes in the country, and so forth.

Yes, all of these extra side-products mean extra work - but they trigger the machine which contains your Secondary and Primary Vacuum Fillers. Plus they promote your brand - keeping in mind the definition of 'brand':

A brand is defined as the cumulative effect of a business’s vacuums on the awareness of customers and potential customers.

Famous brands like Apple, Virgin, Microsoft, BMW, all have leave an 'aftertaste' in the mind just through their brand names. Where does this come from? It is the remnant left by Fulfilment. Customers who have had their vacuums filled radiate satisfaction towards the provider.

The lingering effect is what we know as 'brand'.


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