Current Submission Opportunities with Clarendon House

As of this writing in mid-January 2021, there are a large number of submission opportunities available with Clarendon House. Here’s a summary:

1. The Beacon e-magazine

This proposed magazine is intended to launch within the next couple of months, and I’m setting a submissions deadline for February 15th — a month from now. What am I looking for?

Short fiction (max 2,000 words)




Articles about art, culture, metaphysics, writing

Travel articles with plenty of pictures

It’s important with all submissions that the emphasis is on positivity. The aim of The Beacon is to uplift spirits.

This pilot edition will be published by Clarendon House Publications, and available to download FREE from the Clarendon House website.

That will mean that it will be able to be distributed ANYWHERE, across the internet, to groups with varied interests and readers with varying tastes — but with a leaning towards positivity.

As it will be dependent upon advertising revenue to be sustainable, I'm looking for people willing to place advertising. To keep things simple, I’m offering a single rate of £20.00 for a one-page, full colour ad, which may contain links if you wish.

Go here to purchase your page:<