Grow Your Marketing Part 12: The VIP Marketing Programme

We’ve looked at four methods you have available to grow your viability as a writer:

1. Increase the number of potential readers

2. Increase the number of actual readers

3. Increase the amount of money you take away from each book sale

4. Increase the number of times your book is bought

In the process of going through these steps, you may have begun to see how to put an effective marketing strategy together. Such a strategy begins with the book Crack Your Marketing, which teaches you how to ‘grow your own public’. In that book, you learn how you can stop having to look for customers every day like a neolithic hunter, but instead how to ‘farm’ them, saving you tons of time and energy and actually beginning to generate income from your books. It’s also fun and aligned with the things that make you want to write in the first place.

Crack Your Marketing gives you a firm foundation upon which you can build a viable writing career, but this can be developed further through the use of a Portal Product (your key work, the perfect introduction to your talents and powers as an author) and Activation Offers (items which you spread around in the marketplace, like short stories, poems or extracts, which build up your name as a writer).

We’ve also learned about the correct uses of email marketing and how that can broaden your horizons as a writer, expanding and extending your work into fields like clubs, merchandise, teaching, special offers and so on.

You can do all of this without ads, without funnels, without advanced technology — and without spending any money other than on my programme.

You can expand into viability as a writer and possibly beyond.

What’s stopping you?

The Three Biggest Fears

You are probably being held back by three big fears.

1. Fear that your work isn’t good enough.

This is the big one — you suffer from self-doubt and wonder if there is ever going to ever be a viable readership for your work.

2. Fear of not being able to find enough leads.