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Guest blog: Building Your Social Media Profile as a Writer: 8 Steps by Jessica Fender

You made one of the most important decisions in your life when you decided to try yourself as a writer. It took you a while to get through initial anxiety, a steep learning curve, and inevitable setbacks. You are now ready to move the needle and make a breakthrough.

Building a solid and appealing social media profile is a crucial step on your new journey. This is a logical first step given the huge number of social media users. In 2020, more than 3.6 people were using social media globally. The number is projected to exceed 4.4 billion by 2025. With a solid profile, you are reaching out to this vast audience to find your potential customers.

Want to find out how? Follow the steps below to build a profile that will make you stand out.

Select Your Niche

Make sure you carve out a clear niche for yourself. While you might be adept at writing in a range of fields, you can’t possibly cover all of them. Define the scope of your expertise and work hard to become a consummate professional in the selected areas.

Don’t spread yourself thin

With a growing number of social media platforms, it is easy to be tempted to start using a few at a time. I strongly advise against that. Keep your focus sharp by picking a platform that best serves your interests and needs.

Take time to review the pros and cons of each platform. Once you make your choice based on careful analysis, be prepared to invest in the selected one that can showcase your skills and services most effectively and efficiently.

Allow a trial period and use clear indicators to gauge progress. If you fail to attract large numbers of followers, reconsider your choice.

Invest in creating a professional profile

No detail is extraneous when it comes to building a solid, professional-looking social media profile. Everything matters. Your photo is one of the first things social media users will see. So, pick one that imparts a combined sense of professionalism, gravitas, and affability.

Formatting, colors, posts - everything should all but attest to your reputation and professionalism. The optics of your online behavior is equally important, so avoid posting anything that might lead social media users to question your credentials. Avoid trolling anyone or letting others drag you into trolling. At all costs, make sure you act as a responsible digital citizen.

Showcase your skills

Use your profile to showcase your skills. You have to work in the context of fierce competition, so you need to demonstrate your competitive advantage clearly. Customers need to be convinced of the added value of using your services.

Get more followers

Try to get as many followers as possible. At the same time, make sure you invest in the quality of your followership. Don’t cut corners. Instead, link up with those who can best meet your needs and interests.

Join groups

For continuous learning purposes, select and join relevant social media groups. They can serve as great venues for exchanging experiences and tips. Treat them as communities of practice that might save you a lot of effort and money.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you know someone you can learn from. Your peers can give you critical clues about best practices and common mistakes to avoid. In addition, there’s always a chance that you find potential customers or coworkers.

Heed reviews and feedback

Never underestimate the importance and relevance of reviews and feedback to your career. View them as integral parts of iterative and continuous learning. If you have ever used the services of, one of the best online essay writing companies, you must have based your selection on a careful review of available services.

Similarly, your potential customers will consider other customers’ reviews to make an informed decision. Make every effort that you get the highest possible ratings.

Work hard but never take on too much

It is tempting to take on as many orders as possible, but be careful not to go overboard. Put together your schedule carefully to be able to plan your level of effort. Each task will require a corresponding number of hours. If you bite more than you can chew, you might fail to hold up your end of the bargain.

Failure to deliver in accordance with the agreed timeline may put your reputation at risk. In the long run, multiple failures jeopardize your entire career.

In addition, excessive work and failed tasks will inevitably lead to burnout and stress with negative implications for your psyche and mental health.

Final Thoughts

Once you embark on your career as a writer, one of the first things you do is build your social media profile. It is of critical importance that you create one that showcases your skills, engages broad audiences, and attracts potential customers.

Be methodical and consistent in your planning. Don’t rush things. Take time to develop a profile that captures your strengths and maximizes your potential. Keep it regularly updated and never disregard reviews and feedback to stay relevant and effective.


Jessica Fender is a long-time and reputable professional writer. She has provided writing services in a broad range of fields. Jessica’s blogs and writing tips have earned her top reviews by freelance writers, college students, and social media users.


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