How to Be a Writer Part 2

The subject of creativity is surrounded by so much mystery and there is so much advice out there about how to be creative that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the whole question. Too often people fall into the following traps:

a) They conclude that their favourite rock star, painter, author or other artist has unlocked the way to creativity and so decide that they must be like that person in order to be truly creative.

b) They imagine that there is some connection between insanity or depravity and creativity and so go off the rails in life in an effort to be more creative.

c) They conclude that they are not creative and that the secret of creativity belongs to some kind of mysterious elite but can never be theirs.

All of these are mistaken deductions. Creativity is native to all and can be tapped into quite easily. As a matter of fact, you can tap into your own personal creativity in minutes.

1. Recognise Creativity as Natural and Important

Almost everyone is naturally creative. Children see the entire world differently, as they learn with every glance, every sound, every touch. Growing up means that children slowly sub-divide their experience into what works and doesn’t work in this world. Some continue to live in the sub-world of what doesn’t necessarily work but which is fun to think about, while others close that particular avenue of thinking down entirely and label it as ‘useless’.

As we grow up, then, some of us lose this natural creativity and withdraw into a more solid existence. We begin rejecting the imagination as ‘just fantasy’ and regard the hard and fixed world around us as superior, senior, more logical, more real.