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Issue # 44 is here!


Yes, it’s true! In this issue you can find out who has won the Great Clarendon House Writing Challenge for 2022! Turn to page 14 for more.

On page 36 you can begin to find out more about best-selling author Anthony Wood and his series of books, and on page 70 you can read poetry by Roksana Szczesny and Amrita Valan —then on page 76 you can continue Diamond’s dreamlike adventures at the back of the North Wind in George MacDonald’s classic tale.

We also have more fiction from Tim Law, as well as the concluding part of Thomas Hardy’s story ‘The Three Strangers’.

You’ll also gain fabulous insights into the world of writing from Gary Bonn and in the series Myth & the ‘Now’, plus you can find out more about how a business operates successfully in The Wonderful World of Marketing.

All this plus a quiz, gifts for subscribers, ongoing submission opportunities and special offers!

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is a quality, downloadable pdf, available internationally. It is unique, is designed to service your needs as writers and also to entertain you in ways that right now you probably can’t imagine, including with specially commissioned short stories, expert columns, interesting articles and much, much more. Only £2.00 per copy - even less if you subscribe!

You won't find better value anywhere on the net!


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