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My VIP Marketing Programme: Niche Matters

I recently wrote an overview of my VIP Marketing Programme, and here is that write up broken down into 'bite size' chunks, starting with the first point: niche.

Niche Matters

The programme starts with clearing up exactly what your niche is as a writer. This is something that you may never have looked at before, and certainly not in the way we’ll examine it. You have probably just ‘sat down and written stuff’ without putting much attention on who you’re writing for, and perhaps not even having any clear idea of who might read your work. In this step, we’ll focus on what exactly it is that you write and who would like it.

Before you doubt yourself by asking ‘What if no one does?’ it’s highly unlikely that your work has no audience at all. Almost everything ever written has an audience somewhere — the challenge is twofold: finding that audience and ensuring that it is of a viable size so that you can live as a writer.

This is quite similar to farming: we have to find your particular plot of ‘land’ and make sure that we can grow a viable ‘crop’ there. Questions will be asked like

‘What is the transformation you create with your perfect readers?’

‘What emotional effects are you going for?’

‘What would you want your ideal reader to think after reading something of yours?’

and other questions of that nature.

But that’s just the beginning.

Then we’ll deconstruct your writing and see exactly how it works to produce those effects. Again, this is something that you have probably never done. You will see how your stories are working, what is making them tick — and perhaps see elements that you never saw before. In addition, you might also spot things which you do as a writer which hinder the effects you’re trying to create —bad habits, unspotted flaws — so you can fix them.

Doing this will also develop a picture of who exactly your ideal reader will be.

Then, having achieved that enlightened understanding of your own work and of your perfect audience, we’ll design a piece with maximum impact and appeal for that audience. This will be your Portal Product. It may be something you’ve already written which you will now have polished up, or it may be something that has been created from scratch to maximise your success.

After that, we'll design and implement a channel to give your ideal audience a clear path to getting your Portal Product — which you will be able to confidently market, knowing your readers will benefit.

From that, we will develop together a whole series of Activation Offers — shorter pieces of work which you’ll be able to use to spread your name throughout the reading marketplace like seeds ready for a future harvest.

The result so far? You'll be 100% confident in your ability to deliver for your readers, without burning yourself out trying to flog everything you’ve ever written to an invisible and apparently indifferent audience. This confidence boost will make marketing and sales actually seem like fun to you.

Product: Confident Delivery

That's the first part of the programme. The other two parts deal with marketing and selling what you have crafted.


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