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Nothing Happening on Your Marketing...?

So you’ve written a book and published it. It’s available on Amazon in 12 different countries. You’ve talked it up in every social media group that would let you do so, and you’ve even tried boosting posts and paying for some ads to get your book some ‘exposure’ and get sales started…

…and nothing’s happened.

The three or four sales which show up on your Amazon sales report turn out to be from your family or most supportive friends.

‘But it’s OK,’ you say to yourself. ‘Time will bring me the sales. I just have to be patient…’

How patient?

Do you think your marketing only needs help when things are ‘really bad’? Maybe you hardly dare to check your sales figures for fear of there being more zeroes? At what point do you get emotional enough about this to realise that something is wrong?

Seriously, stop and think about it. If you’ve written a halfway decent book, and gone about marketing in the right way, you should have had some sales by now.

How do you approach marketing?

People who are stuck in conventional marketing mindsets will probably say ‘Yes, of course, I do all of the above — why fix something if it isn't really broken?’

How do they define ‘broken’?

Or perhaps they might say: ‘Things aren't great but they're not that bad. At least I sold one book last month.’

Some will look at it from purely a pain versus pleasure model: ‘I’m not in enough pain to justify doing anything differently; I'm comfortable enough with the level of non-productivity from my marketing.’

It’s fascinating. People will accept a shockingly low level of productivity from marketing because they have a totally wrong model of how marketing works.

‘I am doing really well; I know there are things I can do better but I don't ever want to take my existing sales for granted.’

What ‘existing sales’? One a month?

A better attitude might be this:

‘My book sales impact upon my level of wellbeing, my financial future, the way I write, make plans and create futures. And I think it's something I want to invest in now whilst I feel good, as opposed to waiting until everything is in some kind of existential crisis’.

By investment, I mean spending £20.00 on my e-book Crack Your Marketing, and then about ten hours a week (or less) managing a marketing campaign which actually gets sales.

Worst case scenario: you waste £20.00.

Best case scenario: you learn something that will lead you to feeling closer to live, breathing readers of your books, more deeply connected and more at ease with marketing than you thought possible, and more sales than you’ve had before.

You don't need to wait until you are in a crisis to justify or find the courage to create an effective marketing campaign: you can do it anytime you like and, believe it or not, enjoy the ride along the way.

If you want to find out more about how I can personally help you create an almost effortless marketing campaign by guiding you through the application of the principles in my book, contact me about my marketing programme here.

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