Overcoming the Amygdala Part 66

It’s not necessarily easy to get our heads around the idea that we project our unconsciousness onto the world around us during our waking hours, but ‘get our heads around it’ is exactly what we should try and do.

Diagrams might help.

Here’ are two showing what we apparently do every day: we put our attention into something we call ‘the outer world’, while all the time projecting onto it the contents of what we call ‘the inner world’. Our parasympathetic nervous systems, including our amygdalas, ‘ping’ back to us anything that they detect as a ‘departure’ from our projections (shown in the second diagram), resulting in the fight/flight responses with which we are all familiar.

The resulting experience is what we call ‘Life’.

To eradicate the influence of the amygdala altogether would probably mean to cease being human — but we can at least theoretically imagine a situation in which we could become so familiar with the contents of our inner worlds that the urge to project them onto the reality around us became less compulsive.

Two things might result:

1. We would see much more clearly ‘what was actually there’ in the outer world, as opposed to what we were projecting onto it, and

2. Our relationship with that outer world would change, perhaps dramatically. It would cease to be the ‘cinema screen’ with which we would normally be accustomed; we might cease to seek out satisfaction or sensation from it, knowing as we would that the whole thing was illusory. True satisfaction, and possibly true sensation, would not be dependent on us feeding our inner reality through a circuit, but would be directly attainable, without vias, without intermediaries, without the interposition of the outer world at all.