SAND, RAIN, and The Tales of Talker Knock - Don't Miss Them!

By arrangement with their author, Steve Carr, his books Sand, Rain and The Tales of Talker Knock will no longer be available after the end of this month, so please, if you want a copy of any of these books, grab them before then!

Here are some details of each:

SAND: A Collection of Short Stories by Steve Carr

From eerie horror to human tragedy, from biting science fiction to unearthly fantasy, from realistic human drama to quirky surrealism, there seems to be no short story to which Steve Carr cannot turn his hand - gripping his readers all the way.

‘Steve Carr is one of those rare writers who has a very specific feel to his writing. His writing is sometimes dark and frequently very beautiful, which I feel is always a great combination (when executed well, which Mr. Carr's does). His descriptions are paintings for the senses and he has an uncanny ability to find that just perfect word to color his stories in just the right light.

As I'm writing this, I can't flip back and verify the titles, but I'll reference a few of my favorites and hope I remember the titles correctly (apologies if I botch them). "The Tale of the Costume Maker," was my favorite story in this. I think mostly it was the creativity and imagination that went into it that really resonated with me. It's the type of story that people read and ask, "My god man, how do you think of this stuff?" Which the author just shrugs and says, "I have no idea." Wherever this gem came from, it is truly one of my favorite short stories I've ever read. I could equally talk about "The Snow Mother," and how it tells a story that is completely unique to any other I've ever read, and yet will resonate with so many readers who know what longing feels like.