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Something BIG, coming soon...

I hinted in a social media post some weeks ago at a Big Announcement coming soon from Clarendon House — and it’s still coming. But I wanted to give you further hints — or rather, I feel compelled to give you more hints, simply because the Announcement is SO big that it’s difficult to contain my excitement!

It might be the biggest announcement that Clarendon House has ever made, at least from some perspectives.

And it’s a very positive one - or I think so, anyway.

Over the last three years, since I started publishing other people’s work through anthologies and personal collections back in 2018, one factor has remained constant. It’s a pretty predictable factor and shouldn’t come as a surprise: it is that writers want, above all things, to get published.

See? I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.

But most writers want to be published over and above any other factor: they want to see their names in print and their work to appear in some form accessible to readers regardless of almost any other consideration. They want this more than they want to be paid or to achieve viable commercial success, though of course the vast majority want that kind of result too.

Getting published is a big step.

Getting published without any form of payment is not a failure or a cop-out, despite what some people may infer — far from it, in fact. Getting one’s work out there without getting paid for it can actually be part of a hugely successful marketing strategy, if it’s done correctly and in unison with some other actions. But the ideal scene for most writers is to have at least one piece of work out there and available to readers with a price tag which means that the writer will receive something for every copy sold.

Well, I’m laying out a pathway so that writers will be able to achieve their dreams, provided that they understand that they will have to do a little bit of work too.

There won’t be any costs involved.

Writers will receive payments for their work.

Stay tuned for further details, hopefully before the end of this month…


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