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So you want to be a professional author?

Then what’s stopping you?

This book is not for the squeamish — but it will answer many questions for you, including the following:

•Why aren’t you writing?

•Why, when you do manage to write, isn’t your work attracting readers?

•Why, even if you have published a book, aren’t you getting any sales?

The first part of the book teaches you how to write stories that grab, glue, guide and control readers’ attention. Once you know how to do that, you’re ready for the second part, which teaches you how to grab, glue, guide and control prospects’ attention.

The end product is a writer who can write stories that work, and sell them effectively.

The course is a 14-part, instantly downloadable, full-colour, fully illustrated set of modules which guides you step by step through the book, with course exercises and major assignments. Students of the course are entitled to massive discounts on Clarendon House editing and other author services, and many other things.

This is the book that could transform your writing career.

This is the course where you will learn more about authentic writing and advanced marketing than anywhere else.

Behind the scenes for the last couple of years - behind all the monthly magazines, special releases, anthologies, individual author collections and so on - I have been working to create a pathway to success for writers all over the world.

Now it’s here.

Ready for you to use to revolutionise your life as a writer.

May your writing life never be the same again.


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