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The Coming of 'The Sword Sundergost'

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For lovers of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and Ursula K. Le Guin comes the epic fantasy trilogy of the decade…

Seven were the Great Ones, who walked in the Wood before the World: Raendu, Lord of Light, their King, who dreamed the world of Gandria into being; Kaela the Beautiful, Lady of Flowers, who blessed its waters; her Companion Raelle, the Green Rider, guide and guardian; Deldellu the Strong; Salmanar the Swift; Nilnie of the Shadows; and Raendu’s brother, who broke the Staff of Life. Now, linger no longer on the margins of knowledge — learn the truth of their legacy, untrammelled and untouched by the music of minstrels, marvellous to hear

From the pen of Alexander Marshall, The Sword Sundergost has been taking shape for fifty years. It comes in three volumes — The Mistress of Tara, The Children of Tara, and Wormstone, available on Amazon as paperbacks or Kindle versions— or in a single volume downloadable pdf through Direct Publishing from Clarendon House. Background materials including full-colour maps are available to enhance your reading experience.

The Sword Sundergost: from the fertile mind of Alexander Marshall comes a complex world of Gods, legends, dragons, ancient evil and unlikely heroes.

This epic trilogy is guaranteed to pull you in and leave you wanting more. I can already hear fans calling for another trilogy! Once you’ve found Ryna, Arime and the lovable Nawn, they will find a place in your heart. I predict that in years to come, The Sword Sundergost will be hailed as a classic.’ — David Bowmore, author of The Magic of Deben Market

Explore the glorious realms of Shand, Tara, the Kirratamon and many more; discover ancient cities, mind-bending jewels and underground splendours; meet the Warden of Wenfold, the Herald of Raendu and the sinister Carthogs, the Shadowed Men, born in darkness; come on the quest to recover the greatest weapon the world has ever seen: The Sword Sundergost.

Amazon copies or a one-volume pdf available here:


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