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The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine Needs Your Submissions!

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine is a quality, downloadable pdf, available internationally. It is unique, is designed to service your needs as writers and also to entertain you in ways that right now you probably can’t imagine, including with specially commissioned short stories, expert columns, interesting articles and much, much more.

It’s always open for submissions!

Right now, this is what is needed:

Main articles covering the following: • Top writing tips • Advice on how to make more time for writing • How to stop procrastinating • Advice on dealing with self-doubt • Detailed analyses of successful writing • Detailed analyses of successful marketing • Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the whole industry connected with writing and publishing • A range of personal experiences and successes as a writer • Best advice for new writers starting out • Specialist topics • Studies of particular books or genres ...and so on, covering just about anything to do with the field of writing. Topics are virtually limitless, as you can see. And there is almost limitless space in the magazine — being electronic, the only restrictions in size are to do with how much I think readers will want to read each month. Short stories of any genre. Flash fiction Stories of about 2,000 words in length (new stories are encouraged, though previously published stories are also considered)

Excerpts of no more than 1,000 words, with an outline explaining the context of the excerpt. (Writers of such excerpts will need to be open to feedback from readers.) Poetry


Images will need to be the highest resolution you can manage, in order not to lose impact once they reach the pages of the magazine. Anything will be considered, other than pornographic or violent content. This includes comics and comic strips.


Have you been interviewed? Have you interviewed someone else? If you would like the resulting interview to be more widely read, please submit it, along with a professional image of the interviewee. Authors are interviewed throughout the year. The magazine presents the opportunity to explore writers’ lives and work in a great deal more depth than is possible on social media.

If you are interested in being interviewed, don’t be afraid! The questions will always be sympathetic and aimed at encouraging readers to delve into your work. If you would like to be the subject of one of these in-depth interviews, please let me know.

Technical Requirements

All submissions need to be emailed as attachments to Word doc, font size 12, Times New Roman for written submissions; jpegs for images. Analysis Articles in the magazine look closely at the writing of master authors and tell you what is working and why, in enough detail for you to learn from it. You’ll get mini-classes in the methodology described in my book How Stories Really Work, as well as advice based on the work of top writers. But you can submit your own analyses of others’ work too! Quizzes, Competitions, Jokes There are opportunities to win things, to gain recognition, and to have fun. Please submit anything which you feel may be entertaining for readers. Should you start sending in submissions right away? Yes! As it is an ongoing magazine, the deadline for submissions is ongoing — anything not accepted for one issue may well be considered for the next, and so on. I very much look forward to hearing from you. You have something special to offer the world through your writing. Yes, you. And I consider it my task and my pleasure to provide you with as many opportunities to do so as I can.

Do contributors get paid?

Once the magazine gets to a stable 500 subscribers, I will offer cash rates, described here: I’ll pay £50.00 for a lead story or article. I’ll pay £25.00 for a designated secondary story or article.

And I’ll pay £10.00 for a huge slice of other contributions. What’s more, if I can get to 1,000 subscribers, I will increase these rates accordingly. We’re well on the way to 500 subscribers. YOU can help get more subscribers, and thus have some kind of control over how far this goes. Talking about the magazine in other groups and with friends, inviting a few interested people, will result in numbers rapidly rising — and the magic threshold being crossed all that much sooner! And of course you can ask me any questions, anytime, by dropping me a line at

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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