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The Lifestyle Consultancy

I work one-to-one with writers to tackle the issues in their lives that cut across their writing time and abilities.

Most people have not grown up straight into a writing career. They have spent some years at college or university, perhaps, before going on to get a job of some sort, or perhaps they entered the workforce straight from school and then ended up getting married or having to take up employment not to their liking, due to necessity.

Despite having had the ‘writing bug’ since very young, or perhaps because they developed a passion for it as they grew older, they often then find that writing has taken a secondary place in their lives. They are compelled to ‘squeeze it in’, find time outside their normal activities, grab a few precious hours or even minutes when they can.

If they are fortunate, or perhaps have managed to apply the steps outlined in my free book Your Biggest Challenge as a Writer - and What To Do About It, they might make it to the stage when writing is at the centre of their lives and they are able to ‘play’ with it, inventing new things and writing copiously without having to worry about anything else, but this is rarely achieved without help.

I offer a Lifestyle Consultancy to get writers pointed in the right direction. The programme includes:

• isolating exactly where a writer is on the Seven Stage Ladder to Success

• moving a writer from a constant struggle to find time to write to having 'islands of time'

• rebuilding a writer's life around writing

• creating conditions in a writer's life where new things are possible

• installing the Rudiments of a Writing Life to ensure continued production as a writer

and much more.

Get an overview of what this would involve for you today, at no obligation. Drop me a line at:


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