The New Tarot: Coming Later in 2020 from Clarendon House

There’s a very unusual book coming from Clarendon House later this year (all being well).

It’s called The New Tarot, and it is an exploration of the mystical universe, covering not only the traditional tarot cards of which you have probably heard — a set of cards said to contain mystical meanings — but an archetypal tarot which underlies the traditional version and simplifies it.

It’s being put together by Angelica Green (a pen name) from the purported writings of her father, Tobias Green (also a pen name), and I thought you might be interested to get a glimpse of an early chapter in which Angelica outlines her father’s philosophies about Life and the structure of the universe. If nothing else, this is good material for story prompts:

The Spectrum of All Things

In 1945, my father wrote:

‘There is Fullness, and there is Void. We drift toward one or the other through our actions and inactions, through our participation in the eternal dance between the two.’

That drifting, or that gap between Fullness and Void in which this ‘dance’ takes place, constitutes a scale or spectrum between two poles. In putting together my father’s writings, it was helpful to keep this spectrum in mind. As a matter of fact, because it underlies everything in Creation, the spectrum is useful to keep in mind at all times.

Let’s start with my father’s description of Fullness:

‘We lack much of the language for this now. In ancient times, when knowledge was more complete, there were better ways of describing Fullness. Imagine the cup spilling over, the star being born, a radiance without limit, a light which does not contain even the shadow of anything other than brightness; imagine a love pouring out continually, filling itself continually, receiving itself back from itself continually. Neither darkness nor emptiness exist in Fullness. Sexual imagery may help — sex is a tiny subset of Fullness. A better image, perhaps the best image devised in the heart of humanity so far, is the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit: that which begets, that which is begotten, and the essence of the love between them, interacting dynamically and eternally.’

As human beings living on Planet Earth, it seems that we are far removed from a direct experience of Fullness, though, and much closer to its opposite, Void. This is what my father said about Void: