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The Real Secrets of Marketing - At Your Fingertips

• Would you like to make money from your writing but can’t see how?

• Have you written a book and now you want to sell it and have readers enjoy it?

• Have you posted it all over the internet and got almost no feedback?

• Are you frustrated with Facebook and other social media sites which promise great things but end up wasting your money on ads and such like?

None of this failure is really your fault - you just lack the know-how of marketing. Actually, that’s not quite true: if you have written an effective, attractive story, you already have the skills required to be successful at marketing - you just need to extend those skills into new areas.

That’s why this e-book is tailor-made for you, the writer.

In these few pages, I will utterly demolish many old and strong ideas about marketing which are misleading and wasteful for you. You will have your eyes opened as to how marketing really works, and you’ll end up with some simple steps which you can apply which might actually make marketing fun. And which might possibly make you some money, at last.

• Explode the myths of marketing

• Create 'warm prospects' and then turn them into 'hot prospects' and then customers

• Find out the scientific secrets behind attention: what grips it, how to guide it, and where to direct it

• Learn the secrets of cover design

• Gain the power to confidently market your own work without wasting time and energy 'shouting from the rooftops'

If you're serious about selling your work, this is one e-book you cannot afford to do without.


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