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Why You Should Get This Book - Especially Now

Followers of this blog may have noticed that every four days or so I post an ad for my book How Stories Really Work.

I do this in order to generate a little income from sales, of course, but also because I firmly believe that the book contains some precepts which every author or aspiring author needs to know — not just because I’d like them to find out by buying my book (they won’t read about these things anywhere else), but because everyone writing or attempting to write a piece of fiction, whether that be a short story, a novel, a play, a film screenplay or even a poem, is working with these principles anyway, knowingly or unknowingly, and, by learning more about them, can learn to do a better job.

I can almost guarantee that anyone who reads How Stories Really Work will end up with a transformed view of anything that they read or see — whether that be a short tale, a longer story, a sequence of novels, a film or a play — primarily because the book effectively ‘X-rays’ fiction as a whole and finds out what is going on inside it in a way that no other book does or has ever done.

I’m saying this not as another ad for the book, but to make another point: currently, How Stories Really Work is being serialised in the pages of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, beginning with issue # 16 back in June. This means that the text is accompanied by never-before-seen full-colour illustrations and diagrams, which add a whole new dimension to what it could accomplish for you as a writer. And the reason I’m making this point now is that in the forthcoming issue # 19 the most important chapter in the book will appear.

So you can buy the book, or you can enjoy its illustrated serialisation in the magazine by subscribing here (in which case you get the added benefits of stories, articles, artwork, free gifts and all the rest of the goodies that come with the magazine). However you do it, I urge you to reach out and make contact with what readers have been giving five stars now for over four years and which has transformed many a new story, quite apart from ensuring the success of every classic piece of fiction ever written.


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