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Would you like to make money while helping Clarendon House Publications?

Would you like to earn money while spending a little bit of time each day doing something pleasant and positive? Would you like a role in growing a business you can admire and support — while getting some income from it too?

I’ve just about reached the limit of what one person can do with Clarendon House Publications. Over the last three years, Clarendon House has grown from me and my laptop generating book after book, then sending each one out into the world to be greeted by admiring readers from the comfort of my armchair, to…well, me and my laptop generating book after book, then sending each one out into the world to be greeted by admiring readers from the comfort of my armchair, except that I now produce a monthly magazine and even more books each year.

I’ve written over two million words personally, published about four million words from authors all over the globe, helped launch the careers of dozens of authors, and created a group of almost 10,000 supporters. I’ve done so without making a profit — the money generated has barely covered costs, though it has been slowly growing.

I have tried to ‘outsource’ some of the workload in the past — mainly editorial or technical work — but I haven’t found this to be successful. The nature of what I do is such that I felt it necessary to check and double-check everything that I had sent out in this way, so I didn’t save any time or energy doing that — plus having other people doing editorial kinds of work doesn’t generate any extra money in itself, which means that I couldn’t offer a decent rate of pay, and that was unfair.

The only way that I can offer any kind of payment for any work done for Clarendon House is if the income of the whole business is raised. And the only way that can be done is if more books and magazine subscriptions are sold. So the place I really need help — and for which I will be able to pay for assistance — is in the field of marketing and sales

BUT, before you conclude ‘This isn’t for me then — I’m no good at those things’, the way to properly and effectively market something and generate more sales is NOT the way that you’re probably thinking…

It’s perhaps best if I outline what would be involved precisely, as well as what would NOT be involved:

1. I DON’T want to employ a team of ‘salespeople’, who spam groups or who post ads and links all over the place in the hope of getting sales. That would actually be counter-productive.

2. I DO want to employ a team of supporters, who can use social media for a few minutes every day in a very precise, pleasant and managed way to engage with already interested people in discussions about things of mutual interest. Many people reading this already do this every day. All that would be needed would be a slightly more tailored approach.

3. I DON’T want to sign people up on an employment contract and then expect them to put in a certain number of hours for a fixed wage or feel obliged to ‘perform’ in some way.

4. I DO want to have a set of people who work flexibly, and sometimes not at all, whose efforts are rewarded immediately whenever they get a product, but who feel under no obligation to go and get more such products. They would work when they felt like it, when it came naturally, when they saw an opportunity, and would be proportionately paid straight away when such an opportunity turned into a sale.

5. I DON’T want a group of people who feel that they have to ‘slog’ at something and waste their valuable time to no result.

6. I DO want people who already feel that they can support the work of Clarendon House and who want to turn time and activities in which they are already engaged into something which might earn them a little money on the side.

In brief, I want to pay a team of people a commission based on sales, particularly of subscriptions to the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine. Sales would arise over time as a result of a carefully managed approach using the principles described in my book Crack Your Marketing; anyone who wants to be involved would be overseen and helped by me every step of the way so that products could be achieved.

It would be feasible, though it might seem far-fetched initially, to build up a situation in which a person could earn the equivalent of an annual salary doing this — but it’s more likely, for the first year or so, to generate a small income ‘on the side’ by doing scarcely more than a person already does on social media every day.

If this is of any interest to you, please drop me a line at and I can answer any questions you may have.


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