How to Write a Daily Blog and Keep It Up Every Day (including Weekends!) For At Least Two Years and

How to put an article together quickly involves much the same things as trying to put anything together quickly: you need to start out with a clear idea of what you want to end up with, and then use a variety of tools to get yourself from the beginning to that end.

In an earlier article, I looked at how to get you started on a blog item when you’re confronted by the dreaded Blank Screen. But let’s say you have applied that advice and now have a paragraph written. You have started - where do you

go from there?

The Washing Line

In writing a blog - especially if you want to write one post a day for a long period of time - you won’t want to be struggling to remember some conceptual idea about ‘logic’ or ‘argument’ while putting the thing together. Most writers find that the pressure of time makes them almost unable to think at all. You’ll need an idea, preferably a simple one, to try to keep your item on track.

This is where the Washing Line comes in. I first developed this to teach students how to write essays in school, and it worked incredibly well. Now let’s apply the same idea to writing a blog.

Imagine that the washing line above is your blog article.

The first post, with the bird on top, is your completed introduction, bright and solid.

The opposite post is your conclusion.