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Important News for Writers Interested in Improving Their Craft

Please forgive this rather long post, but I wanted to let you know about this as fully as possible. Please read through the whole post so that you can see how this specifically benefits you.

My course, How To Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published has been available from for only £29.99 for a while now. This breakthrough course is based on the book How Stories Really Work (which has been a best-seller for me) which develops a totally unique and dynamic ‘physics of fiction’ to boost stories to new levels.

I’m moving on to develop the Master Author Programme which takes all the material of the course to completely new levels - but the data in the original course remains valid and ground-breaking. With this in mind, to make everything more affordable and accessible, I’ve decided to open the floodgates for writers seriously interested in learning more about the craft of writing.

I’m making each module of the course available individually for only £5.99 until the end of 2017. The first one, Building Your Creative Enthusiasm, is free.

That means that you can select which bits of the whole course apply specifically to you and get only that module for a special reduced price right now.

What are the modules? And how will you benefit from each one?

That’s why I need you to read on:

Do you want your work to be more successful?

Would you like your life to be more enjoyable?

Do you want to wake up every morning excited to get writing?

Do you want readers addicted to your books?

If so, instilling passion into your writing life is a must. During this mocule, I cover:

• Why passion really matters and why you’ll have trouble without it

• Why you should have clear values that guide your fiction, and why doing so will make your readers even more excited to buy from you and tell their friends about you

• How making a difference with your work will make you more motivated to succeed

And importantly:

• How all of the above just won’t happen unless you take very practical and do-able steps to control your life so that other things don’t get in the way of your writing!


Now we get to the heart of the matter: the unseen force that motivates readers to turn the pages of a successful work of fiction.

You’ll learn:

• what a story really is and what it is actually doing to and for readers

• the magnetic power that draws readers into a work of fiction even before the introduction of any character

With lots of examples, case studies and exercises, you’ll see how to fill your fiction with this power.

You'll never look at any work of fiction in the same way again!

Now that you have an idea of what it is that drives fiction forward, you’re ready to learn how to use it to create a successful, attractive and powerful set of characters.

This week, you’ll discover:

• what the thing called a ‘character’ actually is, and the secrets of how to rapidly build a convincing one that attracts readers

• what the archetypal characters are in any masterpiece of fiction and how they work together

• how to create a protagonist who isn’t just a cipher or shallow copy of someone else’s character

• the crucial role of the antagonist in a story and what all antagonists have in common (it’s quite a lot, as you will see!)

During this lesson, you’ll be asked to apply what you’ve learned to grow your own protagonist - and get feedback from me and any advice if needed.

Learn about the four mechanisms which together create an engine that drives readers forward.

You’ll gain an understanding of

• the things called ‘plots’, what they are and how they are actually made (rather than how you might suppose they are made)

• the ‘nuclear reactor’ that drives all successful stories through to their conclusion

• how the four basic genres - Epic, Tragedy, Irony and Comedy - are composed and how they work to create different effects

and much, much more, including a detailed breakdown of one of Marvel’s most successful movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to illustrate why it was so successful!

By now, you’ll be burning to learn more. Here, you find out how master authors through the centuries have applied all of the above to create the masterworks which have survived the test of time.

From Shakespeare’s Macbeth, to C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia to Dickens’ Great Expectations, to the American sit-com Friends, you’ll get to appreciate the majesty of a working piece of fiction - and then you’ll be coached to apply their triumphant features to your own work!

Here’s where some students need the most help - they’ve learned the basics and seen how they have worked for others, and even tried to make it work for themselves. But it might not have been as easy as it looked!

That’s why this module gives you a Grand 50-point Checklist of everything you’ve learned so far!

This is when you get your second tailor-made feedback session and some hands-on help in applying the material to your own fiction.


What is it that you are attracting from readers when you develop a successful character and plot? Get a glimpse of the physics analogy which could change how you look at everything you’re doing.

Now things are getting serious. You’ll start to put it all together and really grasp how ideas, characters, plots and writing style complement and support each other in ways that you have probably never imagined.

Exercises include word-and-sentence level work, studying what the master authors have done in the past to grip you as a reader and then replicating that in your own writing.

• Discover how a master author like J. R. R. Tolkien holds your attention through a whole crucial chapter of The Lord of the Rings

• Find out how Charles Dickens uses the language and structure of his short story ‘The Signalman’ to make sure it has maximum emotional impact

and much more!

The all-important stage of ending your story! How to make sure that you wrap things up in a satisfactory way based on what you promised in the beginning.

What exactly is your reader looking for?

Do you want to provide it? Or are you willing to withhold it a little longer and create more of an effect?

Take a look at how the great authors in history - and modern screenwriters - ensure maximum impact at the end of their stories.

Then work backwards through your entire story to revise it, align everything and focus on laser-precise results.

Here you’ll learn how to proofread your work and how to set it up so that independent publication is as smooth as possible. There are tricks in this lesson that will save you hours of time and frustration!

Submit your finished work for a final checkover from me and any last recommendations, then get ready to publish!

Step by step, this module walks you through the stage of actually submitting your manuscript and independently publishing it!

At each stage, if you tried to do this on your own, there are so many things that might put you off - but with the help of the course, you’ll soon be ordering a proof copy of your very own book!

Hard to believe but true: within a few days of pressing the button, you’ll get your very own copy of the book you’ve worked so hard to create!

Now that you’ve proof-read a hard copy of your own book, you’re ready for some final insights into the world of independent publishing.

What about distribution?

What about getting endorsements?

What about pricing and revenue?

It’s all here!

In this fantastic last module of the full course, you'll get a Marketing Programme for your completed book


you'll receive TWO sets of bonus material:

How to Succeed in Business as a Writer

This bonus package, worth £1,995.00 in itself, is the simplified version of a business mentoring procedure especially adapted for writers.

You’ll learn the basics of how to operate your writing life as a business, what to watch out for with employees, how to manage readers as customers and much more.


How to Achieve Your Personal Goals!

In this high-quality package, worth £249.00 in its own right, you’ll be taught how to apply the basics of success to yourself and your immediate family and friends.

On application, you’ll also get:

An Invitation to a Private Facebook Group

You’ll have the chance to connect with the other creative writers in this course. Give each other encouragement and feedback through the Facebook group.

So now you can select and buy those parts of the course which best fit your own situation


you can just get the whole How to Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published course for only £29.99 right here:

All based on the book they’re all talking about:

Act now! These reduced prices will be reviewed at the end of 2017.

Any questions?

Email me:

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