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Module Prices Going Up!

My course, How To Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published has been available from for only £29.99 for a while now. This breakthrough course is based on the book How Stories Really Work (which has been a best-seller for me) which develops a totally unique and dynamic ‘physics of fiction’ to boost stories to new levels.

I’m moving on to develop the Master Author Programme which takes all the material of the course to completely new levels - but the data in the original course remains valid and ground-breaking. With this in mind, to make everything more affordable and accessible, I’ve decided to open the floodgates for writers seriously interested in learning more about the craft of writing.

I’m making each module of the course available individually for only £5.99 for only a short while. The first one, Building Your Creative Enthusiasm, is free.

That means that you can select which bits of the whole course apply specifically to you and get only that module for a special reduced price right now.

What are the modules? And how will you benefit from each one?

Read more here.

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The Inner Circle Writers' Group is all about fiction: what it is all about, how it works, helping you to write and publish it. You can keep up to date with live contributions from members, upload your own fiction, enter competitions and so on:
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