The Purpose of Clarendon House Publications and the Inner Circle Writers’ Group

My purpose is to present YOU, the writer, the person reading this right now, with a career path to success as an author, leading you from wherever you are on that path at the moment to as close as you can come to the goal of achieving a fulfilling and potentially lucrative role as a teller of stories. If you are already achieving that, I am here to point you towards an even bigger goal.

There is a whole spectrum involved here: you might be stuck in a set of circumstances which prevent you from acting upon your dream to be a writer; you might be beginning to write, but lacking in confidence and direction; you might be striding ahead with your work, perhaps getting published on occasion, but need to know where to go from there, or maybe you are in need of professional services. Or you might simply want advice on marketing - or anything in between.

Clarendon House Publications and the Inner Circle Writers’ Group can help you make progress in several ways:

1. By setting out for you in as simple terms as possible the principles of successful fiction as revealed by master authors through the centuries, including modern TV and film screenwriters, in the form of