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More About The Inner Circle Writers' Magazine and How You Can Win Stuff By Contributing To It

As per my Second Big Announcement, which you can read about here, the World’s Most Exciting Writers’ Magazine will be coming soon to a website near you. It will probably appear early in the new year, 2019.

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine will be a quality, downloadable pdf, available internationally. It is going to be unique and will be designed to service your needs as writers and also to entertain you in ways that right now you probably can’t imagine, including with specially commissioned short stories, expert columns and a Macbeth comic strip pencilled by Yours Truly.

You may also remember that in that announcement I made it clear that, if subscriptions could get above 1,000, I would then pay for various kinds of submissions. That’s because at that point there would be enough money coming in - with each issue costing £2.00 (or approximately $2.60 in America) - for me to pay various production costs and still have enough to pay for lead articles, short stories, artwork and so on. The current plan is £100.00 for a lead story or article, £50.00 for a designated secondary story or article, and £10.00 for a huge slice of other contributions.

If 2,000 subscribers are reached, all of that would double:

£200.00 for a lead story or article.

£100.00 for a designated secondary story or article.

£20.00 for a huge slice of other contributions.

But what about those contributors who send in such things before subscriptions reach the magical 1,000 figure?

What’s in it for them?

Obviously, the economics of the whole thing prevent me from promising cash. Building up numbers of subscribers is going to take time, even with all your help. You might be able to get your writing friends to subscribe, perhaps a few each month, especially once you see the mighty value that each will receive for an extremely low £2.00 a month. In that way, you can contribute to creating a paid avenue for your own work in the future. But it will probably be a few months before the 1,000 target is reached.

However, what I can offer you is awards.

Anyone whose submission for a major article or featured short story is accepted will receive a free copy of my How To Write Stories That Work - and Get Them Published e-course, valued at £395.00 (that’s about $516.00 US) - though the course is currently available from Lulu at only £117.96 + VAT (Sales tax).

As you can read on the website, the course is based on my book How Stories Really Work and is all about the physics that makes 'hero's journeys', three-act structures, character development and all those other things work in fiction. It contains the principles that lie behind almost all other writing advice you'll ever read about. It doesn’t just tell you about getting published, it walks you through the entire process - at a fraction of the cost. It teaches you how to become an independent publisher empowered to print and distribute your own work from the moment you complete it.

The course includes personal feedback from me on your work at key points. You can read more about the course here.

Accepted authors will also receive a free e-copy of my book How Stories Really Work, and a free copy of my ebook A Marketing Handbook for Writers.

Lesser contributions will earn free professional beta reading commensurate with the size of their contribution.

Special contributions will receive a hand-drawn portrait based on a photograph of their choice. Samples of my artwork can be seen here.

I want the magazine to expand so that it reaches more and more writers - and I want it to be packed full of value so that each and every issue is eagerly awaited as both a tool for forwarding each writer’s career and as a source of enlightenment and entertainment. But I want everyone who contributes to it to flourish too.

You can start working on short stories, articles about anything to do with writing, and other contributions now. I am going to need LOTS and LOTS of different kinds of pieces, as each magazine will be jam-packed with stuff and I have months and months of space to fill.

More guidance will appear shortly, but if you have any immediate questions, please email me at

The Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine will eventually become the ‘hub’ of the activities of the Inner Circle Writers’ Group, and I would like as many people to be involved as possible.

These are exciting times. Be part of them.

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