The Great Clarendon House Writing Challenge

Readers of the latest Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine will be aware that within its pages is launched a fantastic new writing competition.

The idea is to find TEN CONTESTANTS who then undertake a series of specialised tasks, month by month, in each issue of the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine. There is NO FEE to enter the challenge, but to keep track of it subscription to the magazine is recommended.

You can find out more about subscription here.

As each month goes by, the number of contestants reduces, based on votes from the magazine’s readers who judge how each of them accomplishes each task.

By the end of the competition, ONE CONTESTANT will be crowned the WINNER of the Great Clarendon House Writing Challenge.

The winner will be entitled to:

•the offer of a book publishing contract with Clarendon House Publications

•a free webpage on the Clarendon House website through which to feature their works (whether published by Clarendon House or not)

•a free full-page ad in the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine for a whole year

•free marketing advice, including cover design, blurb, author platform tips and so on

•a free Lifestyle Consultancy to address any issues that might be getting in the way of their success as a writer.

Here’s how it works:

1. First step: Write a flash fiction story, 500 words in length. Any genre, any style, any subject. Open to everyone.

2. I will select TEN CONTESTANTS from all the applicants, and the ten pieces of flash fiction will appear in the May magazine. DEADLINE: April 5th.

3. Those ten flash fiction stories will then be judged by magazine readers, who will email me throughout the following month with their choices.

4. Based on those choices, FIVE CONTESTANTS will be chosen to continue the competition. The FIVE REMAINING CONTESTANTS will be set the same technical challenge, visible to all readers: a chance to develop a 1,000 word short story from a given set of parameters, to be published in the magazine.

4. Five short stories based on the technical challenge will be published and then judged by magazine readers, who will email me throughout the following month with their choices.

5. Based on those choices, THREE CONTESTANTS will be chosen to continue the competition.

6. The THREE REMAINING CONTESTANTS will be interviewed about their writing lives and asked to write a 1,500 word short story in a particular genre, to be submitted for the FINAL CONTEST in the following month’s magazine.

8. Magazine readers will get to vote over the following month for the WINNER of the Great Clarendon House Writing Challenge!


It could be you!



Any questions? Please email me at

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