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'A Less-Than-Five-Star Review for How Stories Really Work...? Impossible!'

How Stories Really Work has never garnered less than a five star review since it was published almost five years ago - until now, when I spotted a ONE STAR review on the Amazon US site.

But wait! It's a trick! Here's the review:

- Let me get this clear, I gave this book a one star! One!

You know why? So I'd make sure you would read it, you'd probably skip the five stars and jump to the one stars right away.

As a writer, I thought I knew the techniques, and you know maybe I did. But Exploring the Physics of Fiction put everything in such a clear format that I didn't write for one full day after finishing this book. A whole day, just to absorb. I had many aha moments while reading this book and YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF A-HA MOMENTS AS WELL!

For the price, you get valuable information and you're writing will never be the same again!

So it's still actually a great review...

While I regret the 'blotting' of the five star record, I can appreciate what the reviewer was trying to do - not the worst thing an author can experience! Let's hope it attracts a few more people to the book!


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