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Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising in the Inner Circle Writers' Magazine

Yesterday, I posted about the newly revised guide to the Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine. You can read that post here, and you probably should, as it contains a load of exciting possibilities for writers.

But I wanted to stress — and expand a little upon— the potential of advertising in the magazine, as covered in the guide. I’ve done this in the form of a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ article here:

‘How can I advertise in the magazine?’

Just click here (and look for the red ‘Want to advertise…?’ box) to pay the special reduced price of £20 for a full page, full colour ad with the possibility of links to your own website, sales page or wherever, then send the ad (A4 -sized jpeg) to me at and I’ll do the rest.

‘What can I advertise in the magazine?’

Anything within the bounds of the law and good taste: books, services, products, etc. But obviously your ad will be more effective if it caters in some way to the needs of its audience, which is why the next question is…

‘Who is the audience I’ll be reaching?’

Magazine readers are people aged from approximately 18 to 80, men and women, internationally based, with at least one big thing in common: a total passion about fiction. Many of them are established writers, many more are new writers striving to get published, but all of them are readers — they are consumers of books with voracious appetites, many genres, many lengths, many styles.

In many ways, they are like you. Consequently, they are an audience of great interest to writers.

‘What format does my ad need to be in?’

As touched on above, your ad needs to be sent as an A4-sized jpeg, with as high a resolution as possible. Send me any links you want to include with it. I will modify things accordingly so that everything works for you.

‘What if I want to advertise for more than one month/one magazine?’

Contact me at and we’ll work something out.

‘Will my ad be effective?’

Before committing to advertising, please make sure that this is a ‘hot audience’ for whatever it is you want to sell. As any of you who have read my marketing materials will know, block advertising is like ‘shouting from the rooftops’ unless your audience is already at least ‘warm’ — and in this magazine’s public, we have a gathering of people potentially interested to some degree in what you have to offer, if that thing is aligned to reading and/or writing in some way.

‘Will my ad get published just as I send it to you?’

All advertising copy will be subject to editing review. I will even help with suggestions of how to improve your copy, where needed.

‘How do you receive payment?’

Just click here (and look for the red ‘Want to advertise…?’ box) as described above. Everything is done via PayPal, which accepts all kinds of payments from just about anywhere in the world.

Any questions not covered here? Write to me:


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