How to Get Your Free Tarot Reading: from the Strangest Book Ever Published by Clarendon House

Angelica Green's book The New Tarot isn't like anything else we've published. It outlines a totally new level of Tarot readings, plus gives full descriptions of all the traditional Tarot cards. AND you get a free reading when you download a copy.

Here's an excerpt from the book by Angelica Green which shows how that reading works:

How to Get Your Free Tarot Reading

Understanding the general meaning of each card is just the beginning. The true power of Tarot depends on you.

In purchasing this book, you are entitled to a free reading from me. You can now access your own Wisdom through the cards and via my reading by doing the following:

i) First, you need to ask a clear and open-ended question. Avoid asking questions that begin with ‘Will I…?’ as they present you in a passive role in relation to your own future. Ask broader questions. Here are a few examples:

What do I need to know about [a particular area of my life]?

How can I better understand [a person or situation or event]?