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The Magic of 'The Magic of Deben Market'

Of course I’m going to recommend a book that I published — more sales generates money for me and for David Bowmore, the author. But the truth is that I would recommend this book even if I had had nothing to do with its publication: it’s an unusual and gripping collection of interwoven tales, and is really a kind of novel, featuring the denizens of a small seaside town on the east coast of England. Perhaps that makes it sound like a set of ‘kitchen sink’ tales — but as anyone who has read it would agree, it’s far from that. Yes, there are elements of real life drama with three-dimensional realistic characters — but there’s so much more: magical realism (done properly, with fantasy elements serving the power of the story), some horror, some fantasy, some science fiction. In fact, you never know where a tale in this book is going to take you.

I’m not the only admirer of this work: you can read below what a few others recently thought, and visit David’s page to follow through and check out many other five-star reviews.

'I just finished “The Magic of Deben Market” by David Bowmore while sojourning in the wilds of Northern Arizona. An amazingly well wrought book weaving many themed short stories together, several with continuing characters. Descriptions of the characters and settings in the fictional town of Deben Market on the coast of England are vivid but not laborious as they are so skillfully integrated with the action and dialog. As an American, I found the English dialect to be enlightening and amusing, as well as adding color and tone. The ‘magic’ is subtle and imaginative. One character, Mooney Moore and his encounters with others in town was so captivating, I confess that I skipped ahead to the ending of his segments to find closure, subsequently returning to the remaining stories. His understanding of human foibles, frailties and different ages is nonpareil.’ — John Green

‘I wanted this book to go on, and on. David Bowmore's masterpiece proves why we will never lose our desire to be lost in a good story. The Magic of Deben Market makes you a part of it, within a few lines you are immersed, and experience a sense of time lost forever. The sharply defined characters come to life in your head - how they are formed by the vicissitudes of time and fate become a part of your person. The energy the town pulsates with, It is like Merlin himself was a part of weaving The Magic of Deben Market; exposing the wealth, and frailties of human nature. David Bowmore leaves me wanting to read more of his work.’ — Priti

‘I finished this beautifully written anthology today and loved it so much I plan on reading it again. The characters and story lines in the book often intersect at different points in history, unraveling the life stories of visitors and residents of the quaint seaside town of Deben Market. The author can channel the voice of a young unwed mother, a bank robber, a ghost, a fisherman, a witch and a time traveller with ease. This is a must read and I am looking forward to more novels by David Bowmore.’ — Jacqueline M.


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