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Top reviews from the United States for The Magic of Deben Market

I just happened to check out the American Amazon page for David Bowmore’s The Magic of Deben Market which Clarendon House published back in 2019 — and I was pleased to read the many reviews which have accumulated there over the last year or so. I’ve reproduced a selection below — and you can grab a copy of the book yourself here.

It’s not something I think you’ll regret.

I was drawn to this book by its title and the mystical cover of the book. I wanted to “feel” what the man on the cover was feeling. I wanted to sit on the dock and talk with the man, to know the stories of life in Deben Market. I wanted to know the people, the scenery, the secrets, legends and if there were skeletons in any closets.

Moony Moore welcomed me into the little seaside town where I met many interesting characters and their tales.

The book left me with a serene feeling, the kind one experiences after a short getaway in a beautiful place.

Bravo to David Bowmore on writing this book! I will be watching for any new releases from David.

In the small town of Deben Market on the coast of the North Sea, David Bowmore takes you on a tour of the town residents. He gracefully weaves stories of ordinary people who sometimes do extraordinary things, of ghosts and bank robbers, murders and gentle goodbyes. Each character is crafted in a unique voice, one that shows the flaws, the hopes, and the tribulations of living, all drawn to this village by the sea, where old fishing boats transport people from the reality of the streets of Deben Market through the veil of the supernatural. David Bowmore is an extraordinary artist, painting pictures with his words that draws me back again and again to Deben Market, well after the final chapter.

This beautiful book took me on a journey to a place where Magic and miracles still abound. From the story of Moony and his mentor, Big Nick, to the secret of Gavin Maddock, you'll step into a word of sorrow, surprise, laughter, and love. You don't want to miss this one. I now know why it hit #1 in France. A must-read book!

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This was one of the best books I've read this year. The Magic of Deben Market is a collection of short stories, and while each one can stand on its own, the collection as a whole is so much more. From beginning to end, it becomes a novel of interwoven stories, each connected by the enchanting setting of the town of Deben Market and its inhabitants. A character mentioned in passing in one story may later be the main character of his or her own story, and from there, play an even bigger part in the grander scheme of the entire book. Each story propelled me on to the next. I don't often go back and reread books, but this is one I can see myself revisiting to find even more nuances and connections as I watch the story unfold again. The twists and surprises along the way didn't disappoint. This was a satisfying read that I would highly recommend!

Hands down, this book is one of my favorite magical realism works. The storytelling is so seamless, and I loved how the chapters wove into each other. All the characters were a delight, and the way the supernatural flowed in and out of reality was fresh. The narration was wonderful. Bowmore has a real talent for pacing and description.

In truth, this is ghost story of vengeance like no other, but it is also about the many unique characters in Deben Market. Readers will love immersing themselves in this debut collection.

If the saying 'write what you know' is anything to go by, Dave needs an intervention set up as soon as possible as most of his characters seem to be drunken bar flies ready for a good old rumble.

I had a good few chuckles at Moony's antics while reading these tales, he seemed quite the lad and well worth investing the time to read about this character and his journey.

Mr Bowmore, thanks for the very well thought out day trip down to Deben Market- looking forward to the next outing.

next round is on you !

David Bowmore has the amazing ability to create characters that enthrall and entice you to always want more. After reading The Magic of Deben Market, I felt like I had the distinct honor of being welcomed into the lives and homes of each person on these pages. Not only did I enjoy this book immensely, I felt the need to turn back and start again to make sure I hadn't missed anything. This book is truly Magic and I recommend reading it today.


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