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Yorkshire and Middle-earth 2

At this writing, Spring is taking its slow hold over the Yorkshire countryside. It's difficult not to be tempted to again relate some of the pictures I've taken to scenes in Middle earth, and so below are some more glimpses of Middle-earth/Yorkshire.

Tolkien's world is so full of space, so uncrowded and empty of people compared to ours: there are open heathlands to roam, fields to stroll by, rivers and streams aplenty. Yorkshire's scenery seems to match closely (in my mind) with the Shire, Eriador and those spaces on the map of Middle-earth which beckon to the imagination.

Looking north-west from Annúminas towards the Hills of Evendim.

Houses at Bree.

Looking through outlying trees at the south end of the Old Forest, towards the Barrow Downs.

Countryside near Sarn Ford, in the south of the Shire.

On the edge of the Old Forest.

A farm outside Archet, near Bree.

A secret entrance to the Old Forest.

One of the many streams coming down from the Tower Hills.

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